What a great turnout and lovely occasion in Vernasca, our hilltop little town, on Saturday 6th June for the launch  of the new Italian edition of ZAIRA. I am very grateful to Fabrizia Romani for organising the event.

Vernasca is nearly 1000 metres above sea level but we are experiencing very high temperatures here in Italy at the moment, even in the Apennine hills. The wine (including some local varieties produced by Bruno Rossetti  of Castelletto) and wonderful cakes and savouries that Fabrizia made were very welcome indeed.

Fabrizia read a piece from ZAIRA and Caterina (below) the mother of Sara Elena Rossetti (who couldn’t be present) read some poems from Sara’s collection: ARCOBALENO RAINBOW.

The paintings on show are by the indomitable Charlie Johnson.

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