Musselling on Wrabness beach

Musselling on Wrabness beach

On a Saturday in July.

An early morning treat

Savouring the

Empty pure calm,

Bright salty warm,

Sun glistening view

Of sea craft and distant docks.

Wading in wellies

Through the sinking seaweed mud

Heading slowly to the water’s edge

At the changing tide.

Soft jingling of dinghies and

Yachts turning downriver

Towards Harwich,

Sighting Suffolk on the other side.

Perfect in every way –

Many juicy mussels to be found

Clinging to stones and bladder wrack

Filling up two buckets

And then further inland

Foraging for samphire and

Sea spinach and vibrant green leaves.

But all the recumbent oysters

Left in their beds for later

When the months include an ‘R’.