Yes, our first live book event in over 15 months!

Patrician Press ‘Midsummer’ Event in Norwich on Friday 25th June at 4pm:

The Fishergate Room
Anteros Arts Foundation

Drinks in connecting courtyard at the:
The Merchants House
7-15 Fye Bridge Street
Norwich NR3 1LJ

Readings from our latest anthologies:


Alison Dunhill, Emma Bamford, Juliet Lockhart, Linda Wheeler, Martin Reed, Pen Avey, and Petra McQueen will be reading.


Everyone will need to wear face masks inside the room and chairs will be set up to maximise social distancing. The NHS QR code will be displayed in the room so that people can check in. There will also be a sign-in sheet available for those who do not have access to the app.

Books will be on sale for £5 per copy.