Please note that submitted work should not have been previously published by another company or self-published in the same format, including  digital and/or printed forms. At present we are only accepting work from writers resident in the UK.

One of our aims is to nurture and guide new, unpublished writers, especially women, ethnic-minorities and the disabled, to give them a gentle push up the publishing ladder.

We deal with authors direct rather than through third parties such as agents. Patrician Press does not acquire rights from other publishers.

If a manuscript is to be illustrated, authors of such works bear full responsibility for providing finished artwork, according to guidelines supplied by Patrician Press. In such cases Patrician Press will not deal with any illustrators directly unless illustrators are originally commissioned by Patrician Press. All content has to be approved by the author and Patrician Press will bear no responsibility for any text or illustration errors contained in the published edition.

All works are normally published in simultaneous paperback and digital editions. (For more details and terms and conditions, please contact us.)

Work should be submitted on the form below.

Documents should be in MS WORD format only.

Please send a brief synopsis of novels or novellas, together with the three opening chapters and a word-count of the complete book. A maximum of 100,000 words is preferred.

Short story or poetry collections should be a minimum of approximately 10,000 words and the entire text should be sent.

All text should be in double-spacing with margins of 1 cm either side with indented paragraphs in one WORD document. Please also include a title page and number the pages. Your name should be clearly marked on the manuscript, either at the beginning or end. If these guidelines are not followed, then your work cannot be read.