is the children’s book imprint of Patrician Press, designed in collaboration with Ken Wilson-Max, well-known author, illustrator, designer and publisher.

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Here are our titles:

Godfrey and the Stars by Mike Fryer

Godfrey’s Flying Adventure by Mike Fryer

Godfrey’s Clever Inventions by Mike Fryer


Flying adventure cover

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Godfrey is a gargoyle living in a cathedral! There are three titles in the series: Godfrey and the Stars published in March 2015; Godfrey’s Flying Machine published in September 2015 and Godfrey’s Clover Inventions published in March 2016.

We have published two children’s novels:

The Wallowbang Tree by Danielle Wrayton


Darkling Park by Elisa Marcella Webb.


We have also republished Patricia Borlenghi’s Albatross to Zoo, in a completely new edition:

A to Z – an animal alphabet in five languages


The artist, Piers Harper, who created the original illustrations, has now redrawn them.

And finally, a fairy tale with a difference and a modern twist!

neck cover

The Necklace is retold by Patricia Borlenghi and illustrated by Jill Newton. We launched a special edition of the book with a bespoke necklace at Ink@84, a bookshop in Highbury, London. There is also an early reader edition.

Five of the titles are available from Payhip.