Using original art for Patrician Press cover images was always part of our original philosophy. And we think it has made an impact:


CHAOS – POETRY ANTHOLOGY edited by Anna Johnson

Cover image by Steve Downey

In 2014, Steve went on a road trip around various American National Parks. The resulting works included the square artwork “Yellowstone 1”, a detail of which was used for our cover. The image is “explosive” in nature, reflecting the almost inevitable eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. Steve has written a poem about his painting:


South through Montana I arrive at Yellowstone
Old Faithful is still faithful. Just like you in my memories
I traverse the bridges and walkways
Across the lava and hot water pools
A million organisms teem in the bubbling boiling liquid
A kaleidoscope of colours:
Reds, yellows, ochres and browns.
Like the paint palette of my youth
They say climate change will end our world
But if Yellowstone blows, and it will,
Then that’s the end of humankind
Then only you and I remain,
The Adam and Eve in this new Garden of fire.

Other cover images by Steve:

La Pagina Cancellata

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