My new year’s resolution is to sit down and start writing my third novel in earnest. It is called Dorek, written under my pseudonym Marianne Francis. It is a sequel to Clarisse, and is written from a deaf man’s point of view. It will also make reference to Zaira, my first historical novel set in Northern Italy. Dorek’s mother was Italian and he learns more about her family history when he visits relatives in Australia on his way to New Zealand…

This year will also be an exciting one for Patrician Press as we are holding three book launches. The first one will be in Bologna at the end of March to promote Maurizio Ascari’s book, Faded Letters. The event will occur during the children’s book fair where I will also introduce my new children’s imprint, Pudding Press.

The second one will be in early April in Milan to help promote Sara Rossetti’s joint Italian and English poetry collection: Arcobaleno – Rainbow.

The final and main event will be held on Friday 2nd May at Treadwell’s Bookshop in Bloomsbury, London. This will launch Patrician Press as a whole and further promote the work of Mark Brayley, poet and Emma Kittle-Pey, short story writer. New authors and new projects including Pudding Press titles will also be presented.