I don’t actually, but I have just watched this brilliant 1945 film called I Know Where I’m Going. The film is set in the Western Isles of Scotland – mainly on the Isle of Mull – where I once stayed in the 80s. Such a beautiful place with stunning scenery and I do remember enjoying the food, which in those days was quite surprising. We saw a golden eagle on the nearby Isle of Ulva – car free and quite remote. Coincidentally, one of the protagonists of the film is a golden eagle called Torquil.

Wendy Hiller, the lead, is amazing. She has such a strong presence and is outstanding in her role. Many actors complain that good female parts are few and far between in the 21st century, so what went wrong? Women actors in the 30s and 4os did seem to be more powerful and much better roles were offered to them. (A question of dumbing down yet again with many mediocre, ‘macho’ and violent films being made today and no risk factor involved?).

Another actress in the film, Pamela Brown, also impressed me. She was the partner of director, Michael Powell and looked so modern. Scottish actors I recognised included Finlay Currie and the wonderful John Laurie. A few of the scenes are spoken in Scottish Gaelic. While I was watching it, I was thinking the film was a great advert for Scottish Independence… even though it’s includes lairds with English accents and castles with English inscriptions…

Try and catch it if you can. It’s showing on BBC2.