Well, I have certainly relaxed in this festive period.

With my Christmas cold, sleeping a lot

And dreaming about

Crows and hottie botties.

Sipping porridge, broths, soups and teas

With lots of lemon and honey

And not too many things alcoholy.

Apart from the Sunday family lunch before Christmas in London and Christmas day spent with friends, a couple of bracing short walks at Wrabness and Dovercourt, I have stayed indoors, sniffing, sneezing and coughing. Swallowing pills, gulping cough medicine, eating more than usual, watching TV sporadically, reading the four books by Richard Cross, and not doing much work…

Dorek, my new novel about a deaf man has been read and praised by a friend which I was very pleased about:

He is my new best friend. I read it very happily, found him interesting and learnt a lot about the problems of being deaf that I hadn’t thought about or understood before.

This and three more titles will be published in spring 2015 and many events are planned. I really need to get out there and sell some books…

Happy New Year from her indoors!