Mike Fryer from Colchester is a Research Scientist at the University of Essex, specialising in imaging photosynthesis in leaves, vitamins and in medical writing. He is a brilliant artist, a one-time amateur pilot and has a life-long interest in astronomy, especially the planets. He is both author and illustrator of the Godfrey series.

Godfrey and the Stars

Godfrey is a gargoyle living at the top of the cathedral. One day, a passing scatter-brained Pigeon who has lost his way, lands on Godfrey’s head. Surprisingly, Godfrey and the Pigeon become friends. They spend an evening stargazing at various sky wonders such as the Moon, the Pole Star, the Great and Little Bears, comets, the Milky Way and the Northern Lights.

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Godfrey’s Flying Adventure

Godfrey can’t fly even though he has ‘wings’ so he builds a flying machine. After a bumpy start he and the Pigeon take off for an adventure in the sky and encounter different kinds of weather.

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Godfrey’s Clever Inventions

Godfrey the Gargoyle invents many things such as a Rain Machine and a Lightning Machine. In the process he answers various questions about science posed by his friend, the Pigeon.

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