Emma Kittle-Pey is studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Essex. She is the curator of Colchester community writing group, WriteNight, at Firstsite Art Gallery. Emma teaches Creative Writing for Adult Community Learning, Essex, and is an early literacy specialist.

Quotes for the Fat Maggie stories:

‘…this collection of stories, tales … displays a high level of literary ability, deep curiosity, and engaging self-awareness… The stories have a really mature clarity and plainness, a simplicity that’s never simplistic’ Glyn Maxwell

Emma says:

During the writing of the Fat Maggie stories I was reading a range of stories and tales including Charles Perrault’s fairy tales and Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales. I had been thinking about ‘morals’ in fairy tales, and the way that if the moral wasn’t suggested, different people would  take different meanings or messages from the stories read, and suggest very different morals. While choosing my own there were several for each tale I could come up with. I found it a fun challenge, I’d love to hear your own ‘morals’ or ideas about what each story means or which lessons are learnt…

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Gold Adornments and other stories

This collection contains humorous stories and vignettes of the false honesties and small-world stereotyping that the various characters encounter on their individual journeys. For instance, whilst they shop for bras or visit charity shops or find themselves involved in domestic ‘confrontations’ with estate agents and others.

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Fat Maggie and other stories

This quirky and subtly witty collection of short stories tackles women’s daily life interaction at home, in the workplace, on holiday or at social events. The animal-related tales contain an interactive element and readers are invited to suggest their own moral at the end of each story, thus contributing to the dead-pan humour they evoke.

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