Elisa Marcella Webb created and managed the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Law at a top London School for eight years. She then took a gap year graduating with an MA in Creative Writing in 2013. She is currently a part-time Ph.D. student at Kingston University. She is a parent and South London barista, with a special interest in Southern Gothic literature. Darkling Park is her first novel.

Before her book launch on 22nd October 2016, Elisa was interviewed on “Wandsworth Tonight” on Wandsworth Radio with Julia Bright and Tom Hopkinson.

Here’s the link to the programme: https://www.mixcloud.com/WandsworthRadio/wandsworth-tonight-071016/ – at roughly 36:00.

Darkling Park

This is a children’s adventure story set in a graveyard. When Fin and her embarrassing family move to Darkling Park, Fin worries about why their new home is called Blind Twin House and will she ever live it down at school? And there’s something lurking about in the bushes.

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