Arturo Croci is a journalist and writer with a diploma in horticulture from Minoprio, Como. He studied philosophy at the University of Barcelona. His publications include I giardini di Lasha, A mar parà, Sulle orme di Livingstone (Ace International, Vernasca) and various poems (Pagina Editrice, Roma).

Coma, which includes sections of his previous publications, is his first full-length work.

Arturo Croci. Giornalista e scrittore. Si è diplomato in floricoltura a Minoprio (CO) e ha studiato filosofia presso l’Università di Barcellona. Ha pubblicato diversi racconti (I giardini di Lasha, A mar parà, Sulle orme di Livingstone, Ace International, Vernasca) e diverse poesie (Pagine Editrice, Roma).


Coma – La vita in un altro tempo

COMA – Life in another time – embraces a world beyond time, beyond reality. We can ask ourselves whether it’s possible to experience two realities: to live in a world where time cannot be fixed or measured and the answer is yes.

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Coma – Life in another time

This is the English edition of ‘Coma – La vita in un altro tempo’.

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