The Unfettered Cube, by Mark Brayley

Published September 30th, 2016

£1.99 (e-book)
£7.50 (print)

9780957575127 (e-book)
9780993494512 (print)

Mark Brayley

The beauty of OULIPO (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle) with the poet using a mathematical formula – that of the cube –  is evocatively expressed in this imaginative, erudite and clever poem.

Reading the cantos and interpreting the structure of the poem make it an entertainingly visual and interesting experience.

Mark has published two other titles with Patrician Press:

Disarming the Porcupine



Mark Brayley

Mark Brayley is a poet and novelist and graduated from Essex University with an MA in Creative Writing in 2010. Having performed poetry for many years, he has a range of styles but has a particular predilection for the work of the French writing group …

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