Northern alchemy – Shetlandic poems with versions  in English, by Christine De Luca

Published March 5th, 2020

£3.95 (e-book)
£9.00 (print)


9781999703080 (print)

Christine De Luca

A bi-lingual collection of 40 poems, each in the original Shetlandic, along with a version in English. The poems have been selected from several of Christine De Luca’s collections along with some as yet unpublished poems.

Shetlandic is a unique ‘dialect’ or language, a blend of Old Scots with strong Norse vocabulary and sound; the most distinctive within Scotland. Nordic poets, when they hear it, describe it as a ‘cousin language’.


Key Words: poetry, Shetlandic, English, nature, place, minority language, bilingualism


The cover image is by Wendy Bailey, an artist working in Colchester.

Christine De Luca

Christine De Luca lives in Edinburgh. She writes in English and Shetlandic, her mother tongue. She was appointed Edinburgh’s Makar (poet laureate) for 2014-2017. Besides several children’s stories (in Shetlandic) and one novel, she has had seven poetry …

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