Arcobaleno Rainbow, by Sara Elena Rossetti

Published October 5th, 2013

£3.59 (e-book)
£7.95 (print)

9780957575189 (e-book)
9780992723552 (print)

Sara Elena Rossetti

This is delicately written poetry by a young Italian writer with a surreal touch. The poems are divided into sections based on the colours of the rainbow. The English translation appears alongside each Italian poem. Readers will be able to appreciate the original cadence; rhythm and rhyme of each poem in the Italian language whilst at the same time better understand the meaning of the words.

Sara Elena Rossetti

Sara Elena Rossetti teaches English and translates works from English into Italian. She has collaborated on translations of poems by Christina Rossetti, including Goblin Market and The Prince’s Progress. She is also an actor and has worked on various t …

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