My Europe – An Anthology, by Anna Johnson, Editor

Published March 23rd, 2018

£4.95 (e-book)
£9.00 (print)

9781999703011 (e-book)
9781999703004 (print)

Anna Johnson, Editor

This diverse and varied anthology of poems, short stories and essays includes contributions by Canon Giles Fraser, Helena Kennedy QC, Lemn Sissay, George Szirtes and Stephen Timms MP.

My Europe is one attempt to get the story straight, to explore the idea and the reality of Europe and our place in it, through a variety of sources – expert scrutiny, fiction, poetry, drama and personal testimony.

KEY WORDS: Europe, EU, Brexit, Political, Personal, Family, Arts, Health


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Anna Johnson, Editor

Anna Johnson is an editor, book artist and bag maker. After an English Degree, a PGCE and teaching in London secondary schools, she worked in children’s publishing, then took time out to have a family. She returned to academia to complete an MA in Book …

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“Nations, like families, must speak the truth to each other – even, or perhaps especially, if that truth is hard to hear. We need experts, but we need more. To understand our feelings about who we are, we need stories and poetry too. Although we need them, facts are not enough. This book offers new insights on which we can draw as we painfully work out our future on the edges of Europe.

Tamara Hervey, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law, The University of Sheffield


“Never has the tidal shift of personal context, belonging and collective identity, been so prescient, yet so challenged. As our days darken, puzzle and twist, this next beautiful collection of gathered words, on an ever-changing Europe, is framed meaningfully, with the syntax and empathy that Patrician Press stands for.”

Ian Shaw, musician, writer, broadcaster and campaigner for refugee rights.


“The European project has become a contested terrain. It is not just because of Brexit. The lack of connection between EU citizens and the institutions that they pay for lies at the heart of the problem. This collection is a good reflection of the divergence of opinion amongst those who are passionate about the project and those who are simply unsure or opposed. What “My Europe” does is to highlight the importance for each and every one of us to take a stance. The stakes are too high for the future of the Europe discussion to be left simply as a dialogue between the usual suspects. The anthology brings together politicians alongside academics and poets to provide a rich contribution to what will be one of the defining issues of the next decade.”

Dr Haroon Saad, Director, Local Urban Development European Network


“Many thanks for giving us a finely judged anthology… We still need to inspire hope and express solidarity.”

James Murray