Il Tempo del Disgelo – The Thawing, by Ilaria Locati

Published May 12th, 2017



Ilaria Locati

A book of photographs and poems in Italian about the tundra in Finland and beyond.

At the end of the winter in 2015 artist Ilaria Locati returned to the most northern part of Europe to experience first-hand the moment when the Arctic starts to thaw. She turned her feelings and reflections about the harsh nature of the tundra and northern forests into poems, some of which are collected in this book, together with the stunning photographs of the same places taken by the artist. She states that:

“This book is not a travelogue, but rather an ‘inter-mystical’ account of the experience of living with nature; a search into the connection between the interior sensations of the soul and that of an exterior truth, often hidden, inside everything found in the natural world.”

Ilaria Locati

Ilaria Locati was born in Milan and graduated from the Brera Academy in Milan with a degree in sculpture. She has participated in many one-person and group shows in Italy and Germany, exhibiting works constantly referring to the importance of nature. S …

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