Godfrey’s Flying Adventure, by Mike Fryer

Published September 30th, 2015


£7.99 (print)


9780993238826 (print)

Mike Fryer

Godfrey’s Flying Adventure is the second title in Mike Fryer’s Godfrey series.

Godfrey can’t fly even though he has ‘wings’ so he builds a flying machine. After a bumpy start he and the Pigeon take off for an adventure in the sky and encounter different kinds of weather.

The other two titles are:

Godfrey and the Stars and Godfrey’s Clever Inventions.

Mike Fryer

Mike Fryer from Colchester is a Research Scientist at the University of Essex, specialising in imaging photosynthesis in leaves, vitamins and in medical writing. He is a brilliant artist, a one-time amateur pilot and has a life-long interest in astrono …

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