Four Quartets – T S Eliot and Spirituality, by Richard Brock

Published June 8th, 2015


£7.95 (print)


9780993238802 (print)

Richard Brock

The book explores the spiritual themes underpinning one of the twentieth century’s most celebrated literary masterpieces. The author unpacks and elucidates for the modern reader the complex religious and philosophical ideas which influenced T S Eliot’s poem.

In the fiftieth anniversary year of Eliot’s death, past, present and future are brought together; merging ancient and medieval thinkers with inter-war Europe and the twenty-first century technological world.

The result is a compelling retelling of the journey of spiritual transformation as Eliot understood it.



Richard Brock

Richard Brock is a teacher with degrees in Religious Studies and Mysticism. He has led Religious Studies departments in three UK secondary schools over the last 15 years. He is widely travelled and pursues an interest in life-casting during his spare t …

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