Coma – Life in another time, by Arturo Croci

Published October 9th, 2019


£10.00 (print)


9781999703073 (print)

Arturo Croci

This book was originally published in Italian and is now translated into English by the author with help from many others, with a special mention to Anna Bianca Galvani.

The book embraces a world beyond time, beyond reality. We can question whether it’s possible to experience two realities: to live in a world where time cannot be fixed or measured and the answer is yes. It is an intriguing account of what happens to a mind in a drug-induced state. Anything is possible. Imagination is everything. The distinction between reality and unreality is no longer apparent. Places, names, faces, games, journeys can be conjured up and conversations can be exchanged, even manipulated.


Keywords: memoir, coma, hallucinations, parallel lives, reality, unreality, surgery.

Arturo Croci

Arturo Croci is a journalist and writer with a diploma in horticulture from Minoprio, Como. He studied philosophy at the University of Barcelona. His publications include I giardini di Lasha, A mar parà, Sulle orme di Livingstone (Ace International, Ve …

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The book is available in both English and Italian editions.