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Publisher of fiction, poetry and essays.

Discover The Unseen – a detective novel, by Valerio Varesi

Valerio Varesi

Commissario Soneri from Parma is investigating an unsolved case of a dead body found in the Po River three years before. His investigation leads him to river life, where he tries to break the wall of silence, typical of small communities harbouring poachers, petty criminals and big time profiteers. Soneri realises that the fog surrounding the Po makes things invisible and people unseen; it changes their identities; it deceives. And sometimes it kills.

Discover Singing in the Dark Times, by Margaret Corvid

Margaret Corvid

Margaret Corvid has been writing for many years, but this is her first published poetry collection. Her poems are accomplished and interesting. She shows confidence, innovation and intelligibility and the poems have a confident and easy structure. Above all, there is a variety and exuberance in the collection and verve in the subject matter.

Discover Colchester WriteNight Short Prose Collection, by Sue Dawes and Emma Kittle-Pey, Editors

Sue Dawes and Emma Kittle-Pey, Editors

This is a selection of short prose from Colchester Writenight, a community writing group, formed in 2011. The theme of the collection is ‘Open Book’, representing the diversity of creative writing they produce. It will intrigue and inspire you.

Discover Now This – Reflections on our Arts and Cultures, by Patricia Borlenghi, Editor

Patricia Borlenghi, Editor

This collection of essays by visual artists explores current political and health issues adversely affecting our arts and cultures. With the dreadful tragedy of Covid-19, our shared suffering and loss confirm our place in Europe more firmly than ever, regardless of those attempting to cut our ties.

Discover Chaos – Poetry Anthology, by Anna Johnson, Editor

Anna Johnson, Editor

We are all looking for truth in these chaotic times. Hopefully, as well as truth, this poetry anthology restores some humanity, some significance and some love. Contributors to ‘Chaos’ include George Szirtes, Christine De Luca, Catherine Coldstream and MW Bewick.

Discover Northern alchemy – Shetlandic poems with versions  in English, by Christine De Luca

Christine De Luca

A bi-lingual collection of 40 poems, each in the original Shetlandic, along with a version in English. Shetlandic is a unique ‘dialect’ or language, a blend of Old Scots with strong Norse vocabulary and sound; the most distinctive within Scotland. Nordic poets, when they hear it, describe it as a ‘cousin language’.