The Unfettered Cube, by Mark Brayley

Published September 30th, 2016

£1.99 (e-book)
£7.50 (print)

9780957575127 (e-book)
9780993494512 (print)

Mark Brayley

The beauty of OULIPO (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle) with the use of a mathematical formula is evocatively expressed in this imaginative, erudite and clever poem. Reading the cantos and interpreting the structure of the poem make it an entertainingly visual and interesting experience.

A paperback edition of the work will be out in autumn 2016.

Mark Brayley

Mark Brayley is a poet and novelist and graduated from Essex University with an MA in Creative Writing in 2010. Having performed poetry for many years, he has a range of styles but has a particular predilection for the work of the French writing group …

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