Killing Hapless Ally, by Anna Vaught

Published March 3rd, 2016

£4.85 (e-book)
£10.00 (print)

9780993238857 (e-book)
9780993238864 (print)

Anna Vaught

This is a black comedy in which Alison conceived in childhood an alter ego called ‘Hapless Ally’ to present a different, more palatable version of herself to her family and to the world beyond. Ominously, the alter ego began to develop autonomy. Alison deals with this helped by a varied catalogue of imaginary friends. The book is about serious matters: fear, confusion, dark days of depression and breakdowns. It carries a timely message to anyone pole-axed by depression or associated problems — or any reader interested in such things: you can, like Alison, survive and prevail. Ah, if you had to survive — would you kill for it? Now that is an interesting question.

Anna’s second book, a novella entitled The Life of Almost, is also published by Patrician Press.

Anna Vaught

Anna is a novelist, essayist, poet, editor, proofreader, reviewer and also a secondary English teacher, tutor, mentor to young people, mental health campaigner and mother of three sons. Anna’s third novel, Saving Lucia, will be published by Bluemoose i …

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