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Discover Duff, by Suzy Norman

By Suzy Norman

Recovering from a near-fatal bout of pneumonia, Duff Boyd plans to win back his estranged wife, Nerys. He suggests a road trip. Their destination is Aberdeen, the city where they fell in love. As they rattle along from Wales to Scotland, Duff’s romantic mission is challenged by the strange characters they encounter. There is also the curious reappearance of a battered white Citroen. Who is driving it and what do they want from Duff?

Discover Dorek – deaf and unheard, by Patricia Borlenghi

By Patricia Borlenghi

Dorek has no sense of achievement in life. As a boy, he was obsessed with a girl who lived opposite him and finds it difficult to relate to other people. This is a result of his deafness and his uncertain sexuality. He relies on his best friend, Mungo, for companionship. Then unexpectedly his fortunes change and through learning about his family history and the surprising connections he uncovers, Dorek finally finds fulfilment and an inner peace.

Discover Faded Letters, by Maurizio Ascari

By Maurizio Ascari

1944, Northern Italy. Antonio’s life is shattered when he is deported to Germany as a forced labourer. Thereafter, his joys consist of small things: being able to breathe, to feel the plaster of a wall with his fingers, and the hope that perhaps, one day, he will return to his world. The book, partly in the form of letters and postcards, reconstructs that former world and is itself an act of commemoration…

Discover Arcobaleno Rainbow, by Sara Elena Rossetti

By Sara Elena Rossetti

This is a sensitively written poetry collection by a young Italian writer. The poems are divided into sections based on the colours of the rainbow. The English translation appears alongside each Italian poem. Readers will be able to appreciate the original cadence; rhythm and rhyme of each poem in the Italian language whilst at the same time better understand the meaning of the words.

Discover Disarming the Porcupine, by Mark Brayley

By Mark Brayley

Blurring the boundaries between poetic catharsis, dramatic exploration of character, and challenging the reader, Disarming the Porcupine is a daring collection of poetry, spanning nearly ten years of writing. As a document of the mind of a man in the early twenty-first century, this is not poetry for the faint hearted.

Discover Fat Maggie and other stories, by Emma Kittle-Pey

By Emma Kittle-Pey

This quirky and subtly witty collection of short stories tackles daily life interaction at home, in the workplace, on holiday or at social events. The animal-related tales contain an interactive element and readers are invited to suggest their own moral at the end of each story, thus contributing to the dead-pan humour they evoke.